1600 S. College Ave. Bryan, TX 77801 (979) 260-9831

Indoor Archery Range

Shoot , Sight In , Practice - With Your Equipment or Ours

Indoor Archery Range Facilities

Bring your equipment to sight-in and practice at our indoor archery range. Live Oak Archery offers an indoor 40-yard range that is open to the public. We have Delta McKenzie targets that are set up at 20 yards and 40 yards, and some can be adjusted to meet your needs.

The indoor archery ranges in Bryan are top-notch facilities, designed to be used year round.

  • Well-maintained
  • Well-lit
  • Air conditioned in summer
  • Heated in winter

Bring your equipment to our indoor archery range to shoot, sight-in, and practice.

Range Fees

Our indoor range is open to the public and is available for rent. Shooters may leave and return as many times as needed throughout the day.

Duration Price per Shooter
All Day $15
Per Month $67.95
Per Semester $80
Per Year $249.95

Great Family Fun

Archery is a great family activity. Come out and enjoy an evening of fun at the archery range.

We operate under a policy of respect, safety, and courtesy for both customer and retailer. You want your gear to be in the best condition at all times, and our trained technicians can help you maintain your equipment. Our services include:
Adjust Draw Lengths
Adjust Poundage
Arrow Rest Installation
Bow Tuning/Timing Adjustments
General Bow Repair and Maintenance
Peepsight Installation
Rest Alignment
Sight Installation
Sight-In Services
String Loop and Nock Point Installation

We Carry Major Brands

Live Oak Archery carries archery equipment and supplies from the most prominent dealers in the country, and a partial list is provided below.
Visit our superstore location to try the latest products from these manufacturers!